What can we do for you?

The Aquatics Authority offers a wide range of pool management services including pool management, pool maintenance, regular visits, service and repairs, chemical sales and delivery, swim lessons, and furniture/pool equipment purchasing. As a small business, our clients are important to us. Unlike some of the larger pool companies out there, our contracts and service agreements are customizable to meet your individual needs.  Here are some examples of what each of our services include.

Pool Maintenance (available for both commercial and residential pools)

  • Winterization/Dewinterization of pool 
  • Cleaning visits
  • Chemical sales and delivery
  • Sand Filter changes
  • Salt water pool conversions
  • Equipment Repair
  • Maintenance of pool filtration system
  • Chemical Automation
  • Vinyl Liner Replacement
  • Cover Installation
  • 24 hour a day emergency contact

Pool Management (available for commerical pools)

  • Red Cross Certified lifeguards/gateguards in accordance with our clients' requests
  • Winterize/Dewinterize pool
  • Provide chemicals and maintain water chemistry
  • Maintain pool cleanliness
  • Supply, stock, and clean bathrooms
  • Maintain pool filtration system
  • Supervision of lifeguards/gateguards 
  • Manage lifeguard payroll
  • Assist with budgeting for capital improvements
  • 24 hour a day emergency contact

Swimming Lessons

We highly encourage our clients to offer swim lessons through The Aquatics Authority, as it is a service we offer at no charge for commercial clients. We customize our offerings and lesson pricing structure to meet the needs of each pool. Each lesson is conducted by a trained instructor.

Furniture/Pool Equipment Purchasing

The Aquatics Authority can also handle the purchasing of pool equipment and pool furniture for our clients. Pool furniture says a lot about your facility, and often times a simple upgrade can make a world of difference. We can order chairs, tables, and umbrellas for any of our clients. 

Scheduling of Licensed Contractors for Pool Repair

The Aquatics Authority can perform minor maintenance on swimming pools and equipment but major upgrades and repairs will require a Licensed General Contractor. While we are not a licensed contractor, we regularly do business with several contractors who specialize in pool repairs. We will work with our clients to hire the right contractor for the job, one who can provide a great price and a quality repair. 


Real Estate Swimming Pool Inspections

The Aquatics Authority is proud to offer swimming pool inspections for your real estate transaction. In addition, we also offer "pool school" to new pool owners to educate them about the components of their pool and give an understanding of how to maintain crystal clear blue water.


Hot Tub Removal

Got an old hot tub that's become an eyesore? Give us a call and we will get rid of it for you!